Frequently Asked Question

What is covered by the Martin Sellier warranty?

-The device is guaranteed to be free of any defect or manufacturing fault from the date of purchase

-The warranty is valid on presentation of a receipt or invoice

-The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of components that have been recognised as faulty

-This warranty becomes invalid if the buyer undertakes to remediate the fault on his own account. For example, never insert pointed objects into the various holes. Do not dismantle the unit

-The warranty does not take into account any damage caused by abnormal use or failure to observe the conditions of use stipulated in the instruction leaflet

- Damage caused by the following are specifically excluded from the warranty:

  • Shocks and impacts
  • Falls and being dropped
  • Bites
  • Exposure to excessively hot temperatures
  • Immersion (if the product is not waterproof)